Fusion Fantasy by Bets Davies

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In Incarnate Meryt lives as the slave of her elderly mistress on the imperialistic island of Oton, but when her mistress is taken from her, Meryt must face the demonic governor, and learn to be free.

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In Rebirth Gavin finds a naked girl in a museum exhibit. He tries to help her, only to discover she is a reborn, ancient Celt, and the anthropologist/ necromancer who raised her will kill to get her back.


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In Shining in Darkness timid, bookish sprite Firelight must learn to be strong in the face of her destiny as the Half God Eldrin’s wife, while her people’s Prophecy dooms her to fight a war that cannot be won.

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In Sheep That Stray a silver accented, gold eyed man shows up after small town princess Alexandra’s sixth hour, she and a motley collection of companions must take to the road to hide from other-Worldly foes.

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 In Weaver's Web, the first of the Weaver saga, eclectic Weaver, an inner city teacher, knows it all. Then she learns vampires are real and that making a cross with your arms doesn’t work. When the vampire stops laughing, he tells her a lot else. For instance, she’s in danger.

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Coming in 2017:  Book three of the Weaver saga, Wooden Weft.


So, what is Fusion Fantasy?  

Put your favorite genres in a blender and put it on high!
Fusion Fantasy is a fantasy smoothie.  Fantasy—any subgenre—is the yogurty and icy base.  Then you throw in other genres like they are the fruit and the honey and whatever else you can think of.  Take the whole mess and throw it in a blender.  Hit high.  You have a delicious fantasy/romance/horror/ literary fiction/mystery drink.  The limits of the genres you throw in are confined only by your imagination and skills.


In Will-O-the-Wisps-Warp, the second book of the Weaver saga, Weaver and her cadre of friends and fellow fighters pick up where Weaver's Web left off.

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Introducing my Cover Illustrator
Stuart Downing designed the covers for Weaver’s Web, Will-O-the-Wisps-Warp, Rebirth, Shining in Darkness, Sheep that Stray and Incarnate.  He is working on Wooden Weft.   Stuart writes web comics under the name Pell. Click
HERE to have a look